Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing(VAPT)

1. VAPT Overview
Obtaining a completely secure IT infrastructure is a strenuous business problem. Clavigerous Systems is a team of experienced professionals having expertise in solving this problem. Clavigerous Systems engineers detect the presence of vulnerability in IT infrastructure through Vulnerability assessments.
Also, we aggressively test for both already known and previously unknown weaknesses in your IT infrastructure architecture through Penetration Testing, exactly like an expert hacker would do.
ClavigerousSystems’s Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing services are highly client focused. Client can choose from a wide range of services described below, customised as per their specific needs.
Service Benefits
We at Clavigerous Systems believe in the ‘think like the hacker to catch the hacker’ approach and hence always keep ourselves one step ahead of the threats that are continuously advancing.
Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing regime is designed on these grounds and provides a systematic approach to be able to expose the vulnerabilities that pose a constant risk to the valuable information.
We provide a wide range of services tailored for client-specific needs. The services are explained below and the client can select from the list as per their requirements.
The Clavigerous Systems Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration tests (VAPTs) are scaled to meet the needs of your business. can be chosen for a Sophisticated IT Infrastructure? Go for The comprehensive, all components VAPT. Niche IT Infrastructure? Choose among following the critical testing components that perfectly match the business needs from the array of test options provided by Clavigerous Systems.
White Box Testing
White Box Security Testing is an effective method of discovering undiscovered bugs, security breaches and vulnerabilities in the source code which are otherwise overlooked in the black and grey box testing methodologies and which have the potential of compromising the security of the application. We at Clavigerous Systems consider this source code sanitization an important task in security. Hence we have designed an effective methodology to assess the critical components of the software followed by the entire program for the identification of violations and bugs within the source code. Clavigerous Systems believes in providing the best services and hence performs both automated and manual review audits thus generating a complete audit report with all problematic areas of the source code.
Grey Box Testing
A grey box test can be defined as the grey area between the white box and black box test. The tester has access to a small amount of information, like technical documentation or authentication credentials which reduce the time that Black Box Test requires in getting through the authentication mechanism of the system. We at Clavigerous Systems place the client’s needs on top priority. The Clavigerous Systems Grey Box Testing methodology is designed by keeping the client’s requirements in mind. The client decides how much information to provide, what information to provide, what to test, attack methodologies to be used, literally everything. And we provide the results in minimum possible time. Our engineers will always be in communication with you to give you the flexibility of requirement specification at any stage of the test
Black Box Testing
The Black Box Security Testing methodology assumes no prior knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested, thus testing your system from the perspective of an external attacker with zero knowledge of your systems applications or infrastructure. The Clavigerous Systems Black Box Security Testing regime actually simulates the environment in which the external attacker would work. This approach ensures that we work like an attacker would work and so obtain the best possible solution for you. We use the following approaches:
• We analyze application to find vulnerabilities
• Exploit the infrastructure using smartly crafted payload
• We study offensive hacking techniques in order to develop defensive mechanisms
• We engineer application systems that are secure and reliable4
2.Mobile Application Security Assessment
Either your organization is a developer, or a business consumer, there is no denying to the fact that mobile applications are one of the greatest source of exploitation to today. Are you confident that your mobile application is secure from these attackers? Use the Mobile Application Security Assessment service at Clavigerous Systems now and get confident, get protected.
Mobile Applications suffer from known to unknown vulnerabilities, very similar when compared with web applications and desktop applications. These vulnerabilities can be tracked down and identified by our Mobile Application Penetration testing technique, which detects any kind of flaw & vulnerabilities in the Mobile Applications and Infrastructure.