Managed Security

We offer managed security services in perfection

You may have already worked with a Managed Security Services vendor without receiving the service you expected. But NTT Security has nearly twenty years of experience providing cyber security services. This experience has been incorporated into the development of our Enterprise Security Program Services (ESPS) and ensures that our Managed Security Services (MSS) are aligned with your risk, security and compliance programs to meet your expectations, now and in the future.

1. Enterprise Security Program Services:

ESPS goes beyond conventional Managed Security Services (MSS) to help you improve the maturity of your security program. 

Our dedicated team of experts takes over:

  • the strategic planning
  • architecture
  • the implementation
  • the creation of sophisticated analyzes
  • the reporting
  • the strategic management of the entire security program

We support you on site in assessing the existing security architecture and take over:

  • the planning
  • the design
  • the implementation
  • Provision of services

The services of the Enterprise Security Program Services

    • Preparation 

We make sure that your infrastructure contains the necessary basic components. It also verifies that your infrastructure and security measures provide the necessary visibility to detect and defend against complex threats.

    • Alignment 

A standardized, commercial managed service is unlikely to meet your specific expectations. We tailor our services to the risks and threats identified in your infrastructure, as well as your team and processes, to maximize your threat detection and defense capabilities.

    • Integration 

Your safety program is unique. We tailor the documents and reports we create to your needs, inform you of the progress of the project, and provide periodic retrospective reviews to inform you of the services provided and to ensure that our Managed Services deliver the results and data we have You need

2.Enterprise Security Monitoring
Secure your business through continuous enterprise security monitoring
Comprehensive log file monitoring is an integral part of a successful security plan and a prerequisite for compliance, such as PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, and SOX. Log files need to be monitored and analyzed around the clock, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

You can strengthen your security concept, while at the same time relieving your employees and reducing your costs by commissioning us with log file monitoring. You benefit from our experienced and certified SOC analysts, our Global Services Platform (GSP) and our worldwide SOC infrastructure.
Services based on our proprietary, cloud-based SIEM platform:

      • Capture and actively monitor log files around the clock
      • Escalation of security incidents and delivery of contextual alerts
      • Adaptable further analyzes
      • Multiple Security Operations Centers (SOC)
      • Analysis and verification by certified security experts
      • Detecting relationships between log entries for different devices and customers
      • Complete storage of all recorded log files
      • Flexible service levels
      • Dedicated service delivery manager 

3. Security Device Management

Effective protection for your resources
The correct configuration, administration and maintenance of all devices is a prerequisite for the effective protection of company resources and compliance with standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA and SOX. However, it can be difficult and expensive to attract and retain the requisite qualified and experienced experts.

However, you must be able to demonstrate to stakeholders within and outside your organization that you follow the best practices of your organization and your industry in device management, that you use and track your internal change management procedures and that you comply with applicable regulations.
Our certified staff provide the following services:

      • Configuration and fine-tuning of your devices
      • Updates and patch management
      • Flexible SLAs for more and less business-critical devices
      • Monitor the health, configuration, and privileged users of your devices
      • Backup and restore configurations
      • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM)

4.Vulnerability Management
Do you know the gaps in the corporate infrastructure?
Conventional processes for the vulnerability management (Vulnerability Management) are time-consuming, inefficient and resource intensive. In addition, they sometimes focus on the wrong criteria, which can lead to weaknesses in your security and compliance program.

With our  Platform , you can achieve a measurable reduction in your vulnerabilities, as well as get up-to-date threat intelligence, including the results of our detection and investigation of attack vectors. This allows you to be pragmatically focused on the most dangerous threats to your infrastructure.
Services for vulnerability management based on our cloud-based platform:

        • resources documentation
        • Setup and configuration of scans
        • Check the scans
        • Limited number of ad-hoc scans
        • Unlimited number of self-service scans
        • Flexible service levels
        • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM)