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Enterprise Security Program Services

We offer managed security services in perfection. You may have already worked with a Managed Security Services vendor without receiving the service you expected.

Enterprise Security Monitoring

Secure your business through continuous enterprise security monitoring. Comprehensive log file monitoring is an integral part of a successful security plan

Security Device Management

Effective protection for your resources. The correct configuration, administration and maintenance of all devices is a prerequisite for the effective protection of company resources

Our certified staff provide the following services

Configuration and fine-tuning of your devices

Updates and patch management

Flexible SLAs for more and less business-critical devices

Monitor the health, configuration, and privileged users of your devices

Backup and restore configurations

Dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM)


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Web Applications

What our clients say

“What we needed was granular visibility into what our users were doing and the ability to provide policy controls for different business units.”


“Clavigerous Systems helps us understand how employees to identify insider threats, compromised credentials, and excessive privileged user access and security issues.”


What Clavigerous Systems offers ?

The Clavigerous Systems mobile application security scheme is designed to suit the best of client’s needs. The assessment procedure tests the local app as well as the third party and enterprise web services that handle the backend. The app is tested statically as well as dynamically. Automated testing is accompanied with manual review. Clavigerous Systems looks at the app on the whole and not just the bunch of code placed on your server or the application running on the device, thus ensuring complete information about vulnerabilities and complete security against the attacks and attackers.


Clavigerous Systems Service and Deliverables

About us

Clavigerous Systems Founded in India,November 2017. Clavigerous Systems is one of the Fastest Growing company in a Cyber Security.

Our Executive Team have extensive Experience in Cyber Security. This team is supported by a specialist cyber analyst team, with unparalleled experience of some of the most sophisticated threats in today’s complex security environment.
Unlike most IT security firms, Clavigerous Systems combines the best automated solutions with an extensive manual security testing methodology based on multiple industry-tested and case-specific solutions.
The range of Clavigerous Systems services include: Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Network Security Audit, Web Malware Removal, Telecom Security Audit, Server Security Hardening, Mobile Application security, security assessments, and Source Code Audit.
Our mission is to protect clients in cyberspace with innovative products and services.

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